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The Users page shows the list of users, as well as giving you some actions which you can perform use the user list.

User List

Outgoing Messages

Just above the main user list is an entry Outgoing Message Queue. Clicking on this will let you see which messages are waiting to be sent out, and you can delete/hold the messages in there.

Main List / Editing users

To edit a user, double-click on the user in the user list. To add a user, press the New button. To delete user(s), select the user(s) and press the Delete button.

The user list has several columns:

  1. This shows the user icon, then the user's account name, then three quick edit icons - autoresponder, permissions, aliases
  2. This shows which group the user is in (if any)
  3. This shows the number of messages waiting in this user's Inbox. If you click on the number, you can see/manage the messages in the user's Inbox. The waste-bin icon to the right of the number, lets you quickly delete all the messages in the user's Inbox. The messages are deleted permanently, and cannot be recovered.
  4. This shows the total size of the user's mailbox. Note that this includes other webmail/IMAP4 folders than the Inbox, so it is possible for the Inbox message count to be zero, but the mailbox size to be non-zero.
  5. This shows any comments you have specified for the user.

User settings

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