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Using tables/grids

Many VPOP3 settings pages use grids to show you a set of data, for instance on the Users, Mappings and Lists pages. These have several standard features which are described below.

  • Most of the grids are 'delayed-fill'. This means that they don't fill up with data immediately when the page is loaded, this is to speed up the page load times. Only the first (visible) section of the grid is filled at first (sometimes there may be a short delay before this is filled, if the data is large). Then, if you scroll down, the lines in the grid will be filled in as necessary.
  • The grids are sortable. To sort a column in ascending order, click on the column headers. Clicking on the same header again will sort by that column in descending order.
  • Most grids are filterable. Below the column header is a text box or selection box. If you type something in there, or select an entry, the grid will be filtered to only show what matches the selected entry. This doesn't delete the actual data, just what is visible.
  • Most grids are 'immediate action'. If you can double click on a value in a grid and edit it, usually that change will be made in VPOP3 immediately. Similarly, if you delete a row, that will take effect immediately. A few grids are too complex for this to happen, so in those cases, there will be a Submit button on the page which becomes active after you have made a change.
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