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This section lets you configure the permissions that a particular user has.

Allowed Protocols

The Allowed Protocols section lets you specify which services this user has access to.

Note that these settings affect access to the whole service. If you want users to be able to access a service from some IP addresses, but not from others, then use the IP Access Restrictions settings in the relevant service settings

Max Outgoing Message Size

The Max Outgoing Message Size setting sets the maximum size of an outgoing message sent by this user. It does not affect internal messages or incoming messages. The size is set in bytes, and is the size of the encoded message. Typically attachments will grow by 1/3 when they are encoded for inclusion in an email, so a size limit of 20,000,000 bytes will stop attachments of about 15MB or more.

This setting will only take effect if VPOP3 can determine which user is sending email. It is possible to configure VPOP3 to allow mail to be sent without logging in first. In that case, VPOP3 will try to work out the sender by looking at the sender's email address, but if the size restriction is important to you, it is best to tell VPOP3 to require SMTP authentication

If you set this setting to '0' (zero) then there is no user specific size limit.

Sent message size limits can also be set in the SMTP service settings, and in SMTP Rules

Put user in Everyone list

By default all users are in the built-in list called everyone. In some cases you may want to remove a user from that list. For instance, if the user is a special purpose mailbox rather than a real person's mailbox and you regularly use the everyone list for mailing everyone in your company.

Allow Sending of Internet Mail

If this box is checked, then this user can send outgoing email. If it is not checked, then this user can only send internal mail.

As for the Max Outgoing Message Size limit above, VPOP3 can only apply this restriction if it can determine which user is sending the mail. Thus, if you want to use this setting, we recommend you turn on SMTP authentication in the SMTP service settings.

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