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Problems accessing VPOP3 Settings

If you have problems accessing the VPOP3 settings:

  1. Go to Start → Programs → VPOP3 → Configure VPOP3 on the VPOP3 computer. That should open up a web browser and take you to the login page
  2. If VPOP3 doesn't show the login page, and shows a '403' error page instead, that means that the access restrictions for the WebMail service have been restricted so that this computer cannot access the WebMail service.
  3. Log in using your VPOP3 administrator login details. If you have forgotten these, see here for some suggestions.
  4. If VPOP3 shows the Webmail page, and doesn't have an 'Administer' button on the menu, then that means that either the user you logged in as is not a VPOP3 administrator, or the administration access restrictions have been set so that this computer cannot access the settings.

If you have problems after this with VPOP3 v5 or later, see:

For VPOP3 v4 and earlier, see below:

  1. go to Start → Programs → VPOP3 → VPOP3 Emergency Settings. This should bring up a Windows dialog. (Note that if you are running on Windows Vista or later, you will need to stop the VPOP3 service before doing this).
  2. Log in at the Windows login page. If you cannot log in, then that means that either the user you are logging in as is not a VPOP3 administrator, or you have forgotten the login details - see here for some suggestions.
  3. After logging in, go to the Web Mail/Admin Server tab
  4. Make sure the Port is set to 5108 *
  5. Make sure the Allow Connections On is set to <Any> *
  6. Make sure the Web Mail HTML pages setting is set correctly. usually this points to the _webmail subdirectory under the VPOP3 installation directory, eg c:\vpop3\_webmail
  7. For now, clear the Access Restrictions and Admin Area Access Restrictions boxes
  8. Press Apply

Now, try logging into the main settings again (Start → Programs → VPOP3 → Configure VPOP3). If it works, go to Services → WebMail, and go to the 'IP Access Restrictions' tab and press the Default For Your LAN button, and Submit.

Note that if you have a paid support contract, it can be easiest to simply contact us and we can remotely access your PC (with your permission) and make sure administrator access is working, and show you how to do it

*If these have to be set to something else for other reasons, then we recommend that you still change them here, and then change them back after you have restored access.

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