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Trying to perform administrative tasks without rights

This problem can have two symptoms:

  • When trying to access the VPOP3 settings you get an error “You are trying to perform an VPOP3 administration task while logged in as a non-administrator”
  • When logged into the VPOP3 Webmail, the 'Admin' button is missing on the top menu.

This error happens if you try to access VPOP3 administration pages when

  • you are logged into the VPOP3 webmail as a normal user, not an administrator, or
  • you are logged in as an administrator but from an IP address which is not allowed to access the administration area

In the first case, simply log out, and log back in as an administrator

In the second case, this is because the access restrictions on Services → Webmail → WebAdmin Settings have been changed so that the IP address you are connecting from is not allowed access to the administration area.

In this case, you may have other IP addresses which are allowed, so if you can normally access the settings OK from another computer, you could log on using that computer.

Alternatively, the VPOP3 computer itself may still have permission, so go to Start → Programs → VPOP3 → Configure VPOP3 and see if that works.

For further options, see Reset Admin Access Restrictions

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