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VPOP3 Webmail/admin service and/or Status service is not listening on correct IP addresses or ports

Sometimes, VPOP3 can be configured so that the Webmail/admin service, or Status service is not listening on the correct IP addresses or ports. This can be hard to fix through normal methods, since you may not be able to get into the settings to change the settings.

The below batch file will reset the Webmail & Status service 'bindings' to the default bindings - listening on all IP addresses, on ports 5108 and 5109 respectively. It can be used with VPOP3 v5 and later.

To use this:

  1. Stop the VPOP3 service
  2. Download the above file and put it into the VPOP3 directory
  3. At a command prompt, go to the VPOP3 directory, and run the RESETPORTS.BAT batch file (this assumes default database server username, password & port)
  4. Restart VPOP3
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