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How To: Move VPOP3

You can usually move VPOP3 without having to uninstall and reinstall. It is best to move VPOP3 rather than reinstalling from scratch on the new PC or in the new location, because that way you can keep all your existing settings, rather than having to try to recreate them.

Because VPOP3 version 3 and later use a database system for storing messages, the method of moving VPOP3 is different in version 3 and later from earlier versions. Further changes in version 5 mean that the process is slightly different again; so make sure you use the appropriate article below.

Choose the appropriate method from below based on the source version of VPOP3 that you are moving.

If you want, we can do the move for you via remote access. The charge for us to do that is currently £40 (+ VAT). If you want us to do this, make sure that it is possible to copy files between the PCs on your network (or have copied all the necessary files beforehand). Copying the files over the Internet to our office and then back again is not feasible given the large amounts of data that can be present.

Version 5 and later

Version 3 and 4

Version 2.6 and earlier

More Information

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