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How To Move VPOP3 Version 2 to a New Folder/Drive on the same PC

(Also applies to version 1.x)

To move VPOP3 to a new folder or drive on the same PC you should go through the following steps:

  1. Copy the VPOP3 directory and subdirectories from the old folder to the new folder.
  2. Reinstall VPOP3 in the new location. Note that the installer will by default install into the old location, so check this carefully.
  3. If you have any plugins such as “avast! for VPOP3” or the VPOP3 FaxServer you should reinstall those as well

After restarting VPOP3:

  • Check the Utilities → VPOP3 Extensions settings page for any file paths which need changing
  • Check the Services → WebMail/Admin settings page, and check the Mail HTML Pages setting is correct
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