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How to move the VPOP3 Message Store to a new PC

Use this option if you want to have VPOP3 running on one PC, but have the message store database on another PC.

Manually Install PostgreSQL on the new PC

Download the 'pgInstaller' version of PostgreSQL from the PostgreSQL website. VPOP3 has been developed using the 8.3 versions of PostgreSQL (the 8.4 versions may work, but have not been tested). At the time of writing, the latest 8.3 version is 8.3.8 so the download can be found at . The actual download is

Download this installer and run it on the new PC. The settings here do not matter, so usually you can just use the default settings. Just make sure you remember the PostgreSQL superuser password - the VPOP3 installer uses 'pgsqlpass' as the default password here, so you may wish to use the same.

Set Network Permissions for PostgreSQL

In the PostgreSQL installation directory find the data subdirectory. Open the file 'pg_hba.conf' in Notepad.

Under the line saying:

host all all md5

add another line like:

host all all md5

Change the network address as appropriate for your VPOP3 computer. Save the file.

Open the 'postgresql.conf' file in Notepad

Find the line saying:

#listen_addresses = 'localhost'

Add a line under that saying:

listen_addresses = '*'

Restart the PostgreSQL service in Windows.

Stop VPOP3

Stop VPOP3 on the original PC

Backup the database

To backup the database, go to a command prompt on the VPOP3 computer, and go to the VPOP3 directory. Then run pgsql\bin\pg_dump -F c -U vpop3 -f database.dmp

At the password prompt, type vpop3pass (This assumes a standard installation, if your PostgreSQL installation is non-standard, then you may need to change this command appropriately)

This will create a file 'database.dmp' containing a backup of the database in the VPOP3 directory.

Copy this 'database.dmp' file to the new PC.

Restore the Database Backup

On the new PC, open up a command prompt and go to the VPOP3 directory. Then run

pgsql\bin\pg_restore -U postgres -d vpop3 database.dmp

At the command prompt, enter pgsqlpass (or the password you defined for the PostgreSQL superuser)

This will import the data to the database system on the new PC

Change the database settings in VPOP3

On the VPOP3 computer go to Start → Run and run RegEdit.

In the left pane find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PaulSmith\VPOP3\Database In the right pane, set 'PostGreSQLHostAddr' to the IP address of the new PC, and clear the value of 'PostGreSQLHostName'.

Restart VPOP3 and check it works.

We can do it for you

If you have any problems with this, or find the prospect daunting, we can do this remotely for you under our chargeable support facility.

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