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Webmail Tabs

From version 4 onwards, VPOP3 webmail has a tabbed structure, which enables you to move between various screens with minimal effort.

By using tabs, the entire webmail can be loaded in one go - so there is no need to waste time and bandwidth by downloading the same key components each time you switch between the various parts of the webmail.

There are eight types of tab which feature in the webmail. They are highlighted in the diagram below:

* - Tab open by default
- Requires VPOP3 Enterprise
- Multiple tabs of this type may be open at the same time

Version 4 tabs

The following types of tab were introduced in version 4:

The Mail tab is the starting point, upon logging into webmail - this is where you can browse and maintain the messages and folders in your mailbox.
The Address Book tab allows you to view and maintain your contacts, and add those contacts to messages.
The Quarantine tab allows you to view messages which have been quarantined by VPOP3.
The New Message tab is where you will compose a new message to recipients. The name of this tab will vary dependent on whether the message is new, a reply, a forwarded message, a draft message, a message that is being resent, etc.

Version 5 tabs

The following types of tab were introduced in version 5:

The Calendars tab allows you to manage your VPOP3 calendar(s)
The Autoresponders tab allows you to create and manage your autoresponders
The Message Rules tab (requires VPOP3 Enterprise) allows management of message rules for applying a range of automated, criteria-based tasks on incoming messages
The View Message tab is a full-screen view of a message, along with optional viewing of full, basic or no headers

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