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Address Book tab

The Address Book tab within VPOP3 webmail enables you to manage your lists of contacts and add those contacts into a new or existing message. Substantial alterations to the interface were introduced in version 5. Both interfaces are documented.

As you can see from the screenshot, the page is divided into three main sections:

Address Book tab - VPOP3 Version 5.0 Webmail

Page structure

Address book toolbar

The Address book toolbar contains the following buttons:

Version 5 and later

  • New Entry → launches a window to create a record for a new contact
  • Delete → deletes the selected contact(s)
  • To/Cc/Bcc → nominates whether selected contacts will be added to messages as To:, Cc: or Bcc:
  • To: (Create new)/[other messages] → adds the selected contacts to a new message, or a selected open message - observes To/Cc/Bcc setting for open messages
  • Search → allows you to filter the list of contacts by entering part of their name or email address

Version 4

  • New Entry → creates a record for a new contact
  • Search → allows you to filter the list of contacts by entering the first letters of their display name

Address book lists

The left panel forms a tree structure to display the current user's various address book lists. Any branch of this tree can be opened/closed by pressing the +/- icons next to each category.

List of contacts

The top-right panel is a grid containing Name, E-mail, Company name and Phone number for every contact in the currently active list.

Highlighted contact

The bottom-right panel displays a toolbar which allows you to Edit the highlighted contact.
In version 4, this is where you would select to Delete the contact, or add their email address into existing or new messages.

Below, three tabs allow you to view/edit the General, Business and Personal details of the highlighted contact.

Performing actions

Selecting a contact

Version 5 and later

You can select contacts by selecting the checkbox for their row in the grid. This enables you to select multiple contacts at once.
If no rows are 'checked', the highlighted contact is treated as selected.
If no rows are 'checked' and no row is highlighted, no contacts are selected.

Version 4

You can only select contacts by highlighting them - i.e. you left-click on their row in the grid.
You can only select one contact at a time.
If no row is highlighted, no contact is selected.

Creating a new contact

NOTE: VPOP3 does not prescribe the fields that should be completed, but generally it is a good idea to at least enter Display and Email

Version 5 and later

* Click New Entry * Enter the details as required * Click Apply to save the new contact

Version 4

* Click New Entry - this automatically creates a contact with prepopulated default values * Correct and enter the details, as required * Click Save to confirm the changes (clicking Cancel will leave the contact in place with the default name and email address)

Mailing contacts

Version 5 and later

In order to add contacts to a message, you must select the contacts in order for the To: (Create new)/[other messages] button to become active.

If you want to create a new message, addressed To: the selected contacts, click on the text To: (Create new).
If you want to add contacts into a message you are already composing, select the To:, Cc: or Bcc: button as required, then click the dropdown on the To: (Create new)/[other messages] button; then select the required message.

Version 4

In order to add a contact to a message, you must go through the Address Book tab and select that contact. Once you have selected a contact, you will have one or two options. Send New Message - Will always appear
Clicking Send New Message creates a new message tab with the To: field automatically populated with the selected contact's email address

Add To Message - Will only appear when there is an active new message tab
Clicking Add To Message allows you to insert the selected contact's email address into the most recently selected new message. By default, the button will populate the To: field, but the drop down option also allows you to specify Cc: and Bcc:.

Please note that the Add To Message button will not appear if the most recently selected new message tab has been closed (e.g. if the message has been sent), even if other new message tabs are open. This is because in version 4, it is a requirement for you to 'specify' a message tab by making it active. After sending one message, you must 'specify' another message tab, by selecting it. You can then return to the Address Book tab to add recipients.

Creating a new category

VPOP3 allows you to maintain various categories for different groups of contacts. For example, you may want the following categories:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Family
  • Friends

To create the category, find the External Addresses section in the address book lists panel. Right-click on Personal and choose New Category. Enter the category name and click OK. Repeat this for each new category that you require.
Your new categories should be displayed one level beneath Personal.

Maintaining categories

To share a category, right-click the category in the lists panel and choose Share Category - this will launch a dialogue box to allow you to set permissions for additional users.

To delete a category, right-click the category in the lists panel and choose Delete Category - this will remove the category and all contacts contained within it. There is no way to reverse this action.

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