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The VPOP3 'About' page lets you see the version and build number of your VPOP3 installation, along with any licence details, and supplier details (if any)

Licence Information

The Licence Information section shows your current licence information

  • Licenced To - this shows the name of the company which the VPOP3 software is licenced to. This should refer to your company. If not, you may be using a pirated version of the software
  • Maximum Users - this shows how many users your VPOP3 licence will support
  • SMS Licence - this is optional, and is a prepay system allowing users to send SMS/text messages as easily as sending an email
  • JavaMail Users - this is an optional alternative system for Webmail which is no longer available or supported, but existing users may have purchased this option
  • NNTP Service - this is an optional feature of VPOP3 allowing NNTP (Usenet) services through VPOP3
  • Licence Activation - this shows whether the software has activated successfully or not, and, if so, when your software maintenance expired or will expire

To view or change your licence details, press the ''Check/change Licence Details' button

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