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How to install the VPOP3 Status Monitor on other PCs

The VPOP3 status monitor icon is run by a separate program from VPOP3, which communicates with VPOP3 using TCP/IP. This means that this program can be installed on any PC which can connect to the VPOP3 computer using TCP/IP (on port 5109 by default).

Also, the status monitor logs into VPOP3 using a VPOP3 user account, so all users can be allowed to use the status monitor program, and can be given different permissions as appropriate. (See the User's Permissions tabs for details).

You can install the Status Monitor in two different ways:

Copy the program and Create Shortcut

You can simply copy the VPOP3STATUS.EXE file from the VPOP3 directory on the server to a directory of your choice on the new PC, and run it from there.

If you wish, you can create a shortcut to the VPOP3STATUS.EXE file in the 'Startup' programs group to have it automatically start when the user logs in.

On current versions of Windows you should change the shortcut to 'vpop3status.exe /q /r'. The /r tells the status monitor to store its settings in the registry for the current user. Without this option, it will try to store its settings in a VPOP3.INI file in the c:\windows folder. Current versions of Windows do not allow this unless the status monitor is running in admin mode (which is not recommended).

In Windows 8, you can find the Startup group at either:

  1. c:\Users\<username>\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp (for the current user) , or
  2. c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp (for all users)

Run the Status Monitor installer

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