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Initial Configuration Tasks

After installing VPOP3, you will need to get into the VPOP3 settings. The easiest way of doing this is to find the VPOP3 Status Monitor in the Windows task tray.

Right-click this icon, and choose 'VPOP3 Settings'. (If that doesn't work, see this article to troubleshoot Status Monitor problems). Alternatively, on the VPOP3 PC, you can go to Start → Programs → VPOP3 → Configure VPOP3.

For ease of use later, you can install the VPOP3 Status Monitor onto other computers on your network. This can make it easier to administer the VPOP3 server over the network

When you first set up VPOP3, and go into the VPOP3 settings, it will give you the option of running a setup wizard. For most users we recommend that you do this, as it will make sure you have the basic settings configured. However, if you want to set it up manually yourself, below are the things you need to do:

  1. Set your Local Domain
  2. Create a Connection and Mail Sender
  3. Optionally create one or more Mail Collectors
  4. Create your users and aliases
  5. Enable virus scanning and/or spam filtering if you want to use it

You may also want to create distribution or mailing lists

Set your Local Domain

The 'Local Domain' tells VPOP3 what email addresses should be handled by VPOP3. For most people, they will have a registered domain, such as

To set this in VPOP3, go to Settings → Local Mail → General, and put your domain name into the Default Domain and Local Domains boxes. Then press the Submit button at the top right. If you have multiple domains that you want VPOP3 to handle, then put them all into the Local Domains box, separated by semicolons, but only put your 'main' one into the Default Domain box.

When specifying the domain, do NOT include @ symbols. Use, not or *

If you are using your ISP's domain, or an email hosting company's domain (eg, etc) for your email addresses then we'd recommend spending a bit of money getting your own domain name. This looks more professional, and the domain can move with you if you change Internet provider, or hosting company. We can provide .COM domains for £20 (+VAT) per year, or .UK domains for £10 (+VAT) per year (for 2 or more years).

Create a Connection and Mail Sender

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