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How to download VPOP3

To download VPOP3 go to and click on Download/Try underneath VPOP3 Email Server (1)

If you are wanting to download a previous version of VPOP3, click on the download previous versions link (2)

Full Downloads

If you are wanting to download the current version of VPOP3, click on the appropriate link (3).

Note that if you have previously tried VPOP3 Enterprise and have now purchased a licence, you need to re-download it using the 'Registered' link. This can be installed over your existing installation, you will not lose messages, or settings.


If you have already installed version 3.0.0, you may be able to download a patch file, which will be much smaller than the full installation file. To do this, click on the appropriate Patch download link (4) depending on your type of VPOP3 installation.

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