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What is the difference between VPOP3 Basic and VPOP3 Enterprise?

VPOP3 Enterprise includes all the features of VPOP3 Basic, plus:

  • IMAP4 mail support as well as POP3, SMTP and Webmail
  • Support for database (ODBC) links for the Global Address Book and Mailing Lists.
  • Shared calendars & webmail address books
  • SSL/TLS encryption can be used for users connecting to VPOP3. (VPOP3 Basic includes SSL/TLS support for VPOP3 connecting to third party mail services).
  • The VPOP3 Plugin Pack is included.
  • Message Rules for filtering messages into specific mail folders (version 5 or later)

(N.B. VPOP3 Basic used to be called VPOP3 Standard)

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