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What is Software Maintenance?

VPOP3 Software Maintenance includes basic email support (target turnaround within 3 days) as well as version upgrades (eg 6.19 to 6.20) free of charge when they are released during the period of validity of your Software Maintenance.

When you purchase a VPOP3 licence or a version upgrade you will receive 12 months free Software Maintenance. After that time, if you want to continue with upgrade protection, you must purchase it at a cost of 25% of the full retail price per 12 months.

Do I have to have Software Maintenance?

No, Software Maintenance is totally optional.

If you don't have Software Maintenance, you can still receive minor upgrades free of charge. If a major upgrade is released, then you can still purchase it at a reduced price, currently 50% of the full retail price, or you can decide to stay with your existing version

You can use our forums and other online resources (such as this wiki) for self-service support even if you do not have software maintenance.

What if I have let our Software Maintenance lapse?

If you purchased VPOP3 over 12 months ago and have not renewed the Software Maintenance, it will have lapsed. In this case, you can still renew it, but the renewal will act from the last expiry date, not the current date. So, the new expiry may not be a year in the future. Alternatively, you can wait until a new version upgrade is available, then purchase that, which will come with 12 months worth of Software Maintenance. Then you will be able to renew that Software Maintenance as normal.

Are you planning on releasing major upgrades?

We are currently planning on releasing VPOP3 version 6.0 in 4Q 2012. After that we are planning on releasing a new version at least every 12-18 months. This will mean that if you like always having the latest version, it will be worth keeping the Software Maintenance current.

How do I renew my Software Maintenance?

Just before your Software Maintenance expires, you should receive an email asking you if you wish to renew. This will tell you the renewal price and give you a link to be able to purchase the renewal. Alternatively you can go to and enter your licence key.

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