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Can you remotely log into our VPOP3 computer to fix a problem?

We can remotely log into your VPOP3 computer if you wish. However, this is not a free service, and needs purchased technical support, either on an annual support contract, or on a pay-per-incident basis (

If you have an annual technical support contract you will usually be provided with a link you can use from the VPOP3 computer in order to initiate a remote control session, or if you pay for a single incident we will provide you the the relevant details at that time.

If you have an annual technical support contract there is also the option to allow us access to the VPOP3 computer, initiated from our side. This can be useful if the technical contact at your company is frequently unavailable, and you want us to be able to simply access the VPOP3 computer if you call us for help.

Note that in exceptional circumstances we may offer free remote support, but this is the exception rather than the rule, and is usually just limited to issues with initial installation or upgrades, not to configuration or other problems afterwards.

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