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How do I get support?

You can get support for our software products in several ways.

By telephone

  1. You can purchase an annual priority support contract. The cost depends on your current VPOP3 licence, and costs 50% of the licence price per year (with a minimum of £100) per software licence (+VAT if applicable) . This entitles you to software upgrades, remote support and telephone support during UK office hours and priority email support where we aim to respond to your email within 3 hours during UK office hours. You can use the telephone support facility up to 10 times a year for this, however we rarely enforce this restriction as long as the service is not abused. This service is often used by organisations where email is considered business critical.
  2. Purchase a single technical support incident on +44(0)1484 855800. This costs £20 (+VAT if applicable) per incident. You can call as many times as necessary to resolve a single issue.
  3. Use our premium rate telephone number from within the UK. This number is 0906 2654505 and costs £1.02 per minute. This is most useful for short questions.

With any of the above charged services we can optionally remotely access your VPOP3 server to resolve issues or help with configuration issues. (We do not have to do this if you don't want us to).

By email/web

  1. You can purchase an annual priority support contract as described above.
  2. Alternatively, software maintenance is available as well. This costs 25% of the software licence price per year and can be purchased as long as your existing software maintenance has not lapsed. This includes email technical support (we aim to respond within 3 business days) and software upgrades. All purchases of new VPOP3 licences include 1 year of software maintenance.
  3. We also have a Knowledgebase or Answers website which can be used by all users, free of charge.

You can use our email support by going to

With the annual priority support contract we can remotely access your VPOP3 server to help if you wish. With the software maintenance option this facility is not available.

Support hours

UK office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm except during UK bank holidays and over the Christmas period.

If you anticipate that you will require support outside of these times, then there is the option to pay for 24/7 technical support, but this is very expensive, so it is often better to purchase our Hosted VPOP3 Service as this includes 24/7 “server down” support. Contact for pricing information on our 24/7 technical support or hosted VPOP3 service.

Purchasing support options

You can purchase support options by calling +44 (0)1484 855800 or online at

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