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Support Remote Access facility

If you use a paid technical support option we have the facility to remotely access your VPOP3 server if you wish. This allows us to help you resolve issues or assist with configuration or installation issues. You can either allow us to just view your screen and tell you what to do, or you can allow us to control your computer as well.

We use a system from Bomgar. This involves a small download which you perform on request which allows us to access your PC. We will instruct you how to download this file when you call. The software is similar to LogMeIn and other similar tools which people use for remote helpdesk support.

This doesn't install anything on your PC, so when the support session is finished it totally uninstalls itself. The remote access tool includes a chat client and file transfer facility (if you approve it). At the end of the session you have the option to download a recording of the remote access session and/or a chat transcript.

If you have an annual support contract you can opt to have a copy of the remote control utility installed on the server itself. That way it is available to us at any time, so we can access your server if you request without you being at your computer. This is useful if there isn't always someone technical available at the location where VPOP3 is installed, as all it needs is someone to call us and describe the problem, and we can sort it out for you.

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