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Webmail -> Advanced tab

This page is reached from ServicesWebmail Server, then the Advanced tab.

Here you can set various options for the VPOP3 Webmail/settings service.

Allow Password in URL

If you check this option, then you can specify the user's password in a URL to Webmail

For instance, if the VPOP3 server is on, then the Webmail address would normally be

If the Allow Password in URL option is checked, then you can go to the address like:

to go to the Webmail and automatically log in using the specified details

For a bit more security you could use:

In this case, you specify the MD5 hash of the password. That makes it more difficult to find the original password, but does not prevent a replay attack using the details.

Generally, we don't recommend using this option, because of the security implications, but in some cases it can be useful.

Allow different client addresses for a Webmail session

Have "Connect Now" button for everyone

Mail HTML Pages

Apply account lockout policy to Webmail/admin even when connecting from

Encrypt login passwords when transmitting over the network

Default Folder Names

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