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Spam Filter Rules: StartSURBL

Statement StartSURBL
Version 2.2.1+
Purpose Begins an asynchronous SURBL lookup in advance of the result being required in a subsequent SURBL statement

The StartSURBL statement requires a hostname and SURBL zone, in the format

StartSURBL <hostname> <SURBL zone>

The SURBL lookup begins immediately, but the script is allowed to continue. When the SURBL statement is reached, the script will get the result of the corresponding StartSURBL statement. If the SURBL lookup is still in progress, it will allow the lookup to complete, before returning the result.


StartSURBL ${Domain}

# Continue with the rest of the script, whilst also running the SURBL lookup

# By the time the script reaches the SURBL statement, the lookup should either be fully or partially completed.

SURBL ${Domain} surblresult
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