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Spam Filter Rules: Reject

Statement Reject
Version 2.4.5+
Purpose Perform an SMTP 'Reject' on the incoming message

The Reject statement requires an error code/text string, in the format

Reject <error string>

This will reject the current SMTP message with the specified SMTP result code. Use a 4xx error code (eg 450) to reject the message temporarily, or a 5xx error code (eg 550) to reject the message permanently.

If an SMTP result code is not specified explicitly in this statement, VPOP3 will use the result code '552' automatically so as to conform to the SMTP standard.

The incoming SMTP message will not be processed any further, so it will not be quarantined or stored in a user's mailbox etc.

This statement does nothing with mail which has been downloaded from a POP3 mail server.


Reject "550 Message not allowed"
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