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Spam Filter Rules: HTTPPost

Statement HTTPPost
Version 2.4.9+
Purpose Enables the script to post data to a web server

The HTTPPost statement requires a url, data string, headers variable name and content variable name, in the format

HTTPPost <url> <data string> <headers variable name> <content variable name>
  • The first line of the headers variable will contain the HTTP result code, if present
  • If VPOP3 cannot connect to the web server or cannot resolve the name of the website, the headers may be empty
  • HTTPPost is only suitable for posting to URLs which will result in text web pages, not binary downloads


The following example will post the data 'test=1&data=something' to the webpage "", return the resulting HTTP headers into the ${hdrs} variable and return the resulting content into the ${content} variable

HTTPPost "" "test=1&data=something" hdrs content
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