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Spam Filter Rules: HTTPGetMD5

Statement HTTPGetMD5
Version 2.3.7+
Purpose Enables the script to retrieve a web page, returning an MD5 hash of its contents in hex encoded form

The HTTPGetMD5 statement requires a url, headers variable name and MD5 hash variable name, in the format

HTTPGetMD5 <url> <headers variable name> <MD5 hash variable name>
  • The first line of the headers variable will contain the HTTP result code, if present
  • If VPOP3 cannot connect to the web server or cannot resolve the name of the website, the headers may be empty


The following example will retrieve the webpage "", return the HTTP headers into the ${hdrs} variable and return MD5 hash of the contents into the ${md5var} variable

HTTPGetMD5 "" hdrs md5var
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