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Spam Filter Rules: GetSectionEncoding

Statement GetSectionEncoding
Version 2.3.9+
Purpose Retrieves the MIME encoding method for the specified MIME section number, and returns the result into the specified variable

The GetSectionEncoding statement requires a message section number and variable name, in the format

GetSectionEncoding <message section number> <variable name>

The returned encoding method will be a text string such as “quoted-printable” or “base64” etc.


Basic example, returning the result into the ${myEncoding} variable

GetSectionEncoding 1 myEncoding

Using GetSectionEncoding with ForEach MimeSection

ForEach MimeSection SectionInfo
 IfMatch ${SectionInfo} "/^(\d+):([\d\. ]*):(.*?):(\d+):(\d+):(.*)$/"
  ${SectionId} = ${1}
  GetSectionEncoding ${SectionId} myEncoding
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