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Spam Filter Rules: Rule names and weights

The script can designate names to refer to certain rules. This name is created using a DefineRule statement.

If you the follow a statement by a word in square brackets, when that statement is actioned, VPOP3 will add the specified word to a list of 'matched conditions' which can be used in reporting.

Also, the DefineRule statement indicates a 'weight' for the rule being defined. This weighting can also be modified via Settings → Spam Filter → General → Rule Weights in VPOP3's Administration Settings.

The weight defines a multiplier for any numeric operations performed by the statements that use it.


Consider the following; if 'myrule' has a weight of 0.5

${Score} += 100  [myrule]

This statement will actually add 50 (100 * 0.5) to the 'Score' variable

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