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Spamfilter Quarantine Viewer

SettingsSpamfilter → Quarantine Viewer

The Quarantine Viewer lets you see messages which have been quarantined by the VPOP3 Spam Filter. As an administrator you can see quarantined messages for any user, and release them if appropriate. If you release a message, it will be sent into the original recipient's Inbox, not into your Inbox.

The Quarantine Viewer will not display any messages when you first view the page, you must first select criteria and then press the Go button to view the selected messages.

You can choose to view messages based on received date, time, user (original recipient), sender, subject and maximum size. The Sender and Subject searches are simple substring searches, you can't use wildcards or regular expressions.

Once you have selected the search criteria, press the Go button and VPOP3 will display the quarantined messages which match the search.

Releasing a single message

When the search results are displayed, you can double-click on a message to view the message headers & source. If you wish, you can Release the message to have VPOP3 send the message to the original recipient.

There are some options which you can choose when releasing the message:

  • Train Bayesian filter as not spam - this makes VPOP3 teach the Bayesian spam filter component that this message was not spam. This will make messages like this less likely to be caught as spam in the future
  • Add sender to whitelist - this will make VPOP3 add the sender of the message (the detected sender is displayed) to the spamfilter whitelist. When the sender is added to the whitelist, any other messages sent by the same sender will also be released (this may take a few seconds)
  • Report false positive to PSCS - this option is only available if you have an active Spamfilter Subscription. If you choose this option, then the released messages will be copied to the spam filter maintenance team at PSCS who will try to update the spamfilter rules so that type of message is not caught by the spamfilter in the future (assuming it is really not spam)

Bulk releasing messages

When the search results are displayed, you can click, shift-click & ctrl-click on messages to select multiple messages, then press the Release Msgs button above the results list to release all the selected messages. VPOP3 will just train the Bayesian spam filter component that these messages are not spam. The other options which are available on individual message releases are not possible here.

Hiding/Marking Seen messages

VPOP3 will remove messages from the quarantine automatically after some days (set in the Spam filterGeneralQuarantine tab), so you do not need to do anything to 'manage the list'

However, some people like to manage the list further, so there are two options which can be used:

  • Hide messages - if you hide messages, then they will no longer appear in search results (unless you have requested that hidden messages are included).
  • Mark messages as Seen - if you mark messages as seen, then they will be displayed in a normal font, rather than the usual bold font.

You can click, shift-click & ctrl-click messages to select multiple messages before hiding or marking messages as seen. If you select hidden or 'seen' messages, then you can choose to unhide or mark them unseen.

These options merely control the display of the quarantined messages, not how long they are kept, or any other behaviour.

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