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Lua SMTP MX Server Rules

Every time VPOP3 checks for remote MX server for sending messages using direct MX sending, it runs a script called mxserverrules.lua which can be created/edited in Settings → Scripts (or in the VPOP3 directory in VPOP3 v6.6 or earlier).


GetCheckCache(“<Domain>”, numRetries, messageSize)

returns true if VPOP3's DNS cache should be used, or false to do a fresh DNS lookup


GetOverrides(“<Domain>”, numRetries, messageSize)

returns DNS Server Map, continue

If continue is false, then VPOP3 will act as if there were no MX/A records defined for this destination


(VPOP3 7.10 and later)

CheckServer(“<Domain>”, “<MX Server>”, numRetries, messageSize, defaultResult)

returns true if the MX server is OK to use, false if it should be ignored


(VPOP3 8.6 and later)

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