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Monitor Scripting

(Added in V6.15)

This script has three functions:

  • MonitorIncoming
  • MonitorInternal
  • MonitorOut

The functions are similar, except they are called when different messages are to be monitored (incoming, internal and outgoing messages respectively).

The functions are only called if the message will be monitored (according to the settings in Settings → Message Monitoring).

VPOP3 calls

MonitorOut(sender, authenticated_sender, recipient_list, subject)


MonitorInternal(sender, recipient_list, subject)


MonitorIncoming(sender, recipient_list, subject)
  • recipient_list is a list of target email addresses for MonitorOut and a list of target user names for MonitorInternal and MonitorIncoming.

The functions return a string indicating who the monitored messages are to go to. This can be a single email address, or several email addresses separated by semi-colons (;). If it is 'noone', then the message will not be monitored.


From VPOP3 version 6.17 onwards, these functions will also receive extra parameters

MonitorOut(sender, authenticated_sender, recipient_list, subject, size, attachments, ToRecipients, CcRecipients, BccRecipients, ClientIPAddress)
MonitorInternal(sender, recipient_list, subject, size, attachments)
MonitorIncoming(sender, recipient_list, subject, size, attachments)
  • size is the size of the message in bytes
  • attachments is a table with zero or more of the following entries, referring to the attachments in the message
    • MIMESection number - the MIME section that this attachment occurred in
    • Name string - the name of the attachment
    • MIMEType string - the MIME type of the attachment
    • Size number - the size of the attachment
    • Type string - the type of attachment (MIME, UUE, BINHEX, MIMEUUE, MIMEBINHEX, TNEF)
  • ToRecipients is a list of recipients in the To field
  • CcRecipients is a list of recipients in the Cc field
  • BccRecipients is a list of recipients the message has been Bcc'd to
  • ClientIPAddress is the IP address the message was sent from
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