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LogDB.Sessions table

The LogDB.Sessions table contains a record of all 'sessions' logged by VPOP3. A session is something like a POP3 server session as an email client downloads messages, or an SMTP client session as VPOP3 sends a message out to the Internet, and so on.


  • sessid - this is a bigint sequential value which identifies the session uniquely in the database
  • datetime - this is the date/time when the session started (in UTC)
  • duration - this is the duration of the session (in seconds)
  • sesstype - this is a single character code indicating what type of session this is (see below)
  • errorcode - this is text containing any error detail about the session (eg invalid password etc)
  • name - this is text describing the session. This may contain client IP address, username etc

Sesstype codes

  • C = SMTP client (via relay)
  • F = SMTP client (LAN forwarding)
  • L = SMTP server (internal)
  • M = SMTP client (MX direct)
  • O = POP3 server
  • P = POP3 client
  • S = SMTP server (incoming)
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