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Settings -> Local Mail -> General

The Local Mail → General page allows you to configure a few simple, but fundamentally important settings.

Default Domain

In the majority of cases, this is the domain name that VPOP3 will use when sending automated messages; for instance, users may receive a message from Mailer_Daemon@[default domain].

Local Domains

The Local Domains box contains a list of domains, for which mail should be handled locally. This allows VPOP3 to process local mail properly, and prevents it going through an external server, before being redownloaded as incoming mail.

You can specify multiple local domain names, which must be separated by a semi-colon (;).

The Local Domains box will also support individual email addresses, if you do not want every address from a particular domain to be handled locally, but this practice is discouraged, and you should ideally use *REMOTE mappings instead.

The following wildcards may be used in the Local Domains box:

  • * - matches any number of characters
  • ? - matches a single character

† There are some undocumented circumstances where the first domain from the Local Domains box will be used instead of the Default Domain; so for consistency, it is recommended that you enter the Default Domain as the first entry in the Local Domains box.

Other options

  • Treat locally sent mail for unrecognised local recipients as outgoing mail - If VPOP3 is unable to recognise the recipient, it will handle the message as it would for any other outgoing mail. This can be useful, where a domain name is not exclusive to the server running VPOP3.
  • Disable default user → user mappings for local/incoming SMTP mail - If you check this box, you should create explicit mappings for every user. This option is normally only of use where two or more separate companies share the same VPOP3 mail server.
  • Create LAN Forwarding rules to forward to this server - This links to a page, which allows you to set up a basic LAN Forwarding configuration, so that you can easily tell another VPOP3 server to LAN Forward to this server.
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