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Database query to list ALL messages in the LAN forwarding queue

The VPOP3 settings show the first 100 messages in the LAN forwarding queue. Usually this is sufficient as the LAN forwarding queue is usually nearly empty, but in case of a problem it may be much bigger. The database queries below may help in that situation.

At a command prompt in the VPOP3 directory run


(The password is 'vpop3pass')

Then, type

SELECT sender,target,subject,r.username || '@' || r.domain as recipient FROM messages.outgoing INNER JOIN messages.outgoingrecipients r USING(msgid) INNER JOIN messages.outgoingtargets USING(msgid) ORDER BY msgid;

to list all the messages in the LAN forwarding queue

or use

SELECT count(*) FROM messages.outgoing;

to simply get a count of the number of messages in the queue

N.B. VPOP3 does not need to be stopped while you do this

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