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LDAP Schema in VPOP3 4.x

Hierarchical Structure

LDAP data is stored as a hierarchical database with the 'DN' (Distinguished Name) of the object as the key. The DN is made up of the various 'Relative DNs' used to navigate to the desired object, placed in reverse order, separated by commas.

This tree structure can be used to only show a subsection of the objects

The structure is:

  • O=VPOP3
      • OU=USERS (VPOP3 users - autogenerated)
      • OU=LISTS (VPOP3 lists - autogenerated)
      • OU=VPOP3 (Manually added addresses stored by VPOP3)
        • OWNER=<owner user id>
          • CAT=<numeric category id>
      • OU=ODBC (VPOP3 Enterprise Only)

So, normally, in your LDAP client you would set the 'Base DN' to blank, or to O=VPOP3, but if you want to exclude the internal addresses, you may choose to use OU=EXTERNAL,O=VPOP3 as the Base DN. That will just show the part of the tree shown in italics above. Obviously you could choose other Base DNs to meet your needs.

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