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Database schema used in VPOP3 5.x

Note that all information in this section is subject to change. We do not guarantee that the database schema will remain constant, even between minor upgrade versions, so use this information at your own risk.

Do not alter the database schema used by VPOP3 (including indexes, triggers & functions) or your whole VPOP3 data store may collapse.

The schema for version 5.x is similar, but not identical to that for 3.x-4.x, so the information below may be useful for earlier versions as well. Also note that VPOP3 5.x uses PostgreSQL 9.1 or later, whereas 3.x-4.x use PostgreSQL 8.3 or later.

The default database name used by VPOP3 is 'vpop3', the default username is 'vpop3', and the default password is 'vpop3pass'. In VPOP3 version 5, the connection port number is usually port 5433. In VPOP3 versions 3 and 4 the connection port number is usually port 5432.

In VPOP3 version 5, the database connection information is stored in the VPOP3.INI file in the VPOP3 installation directory.

To access the database, we generally use PSQL, but there are other tools available if you prefer them, such as PgAdmin. ODBC drivers are also available for PostgreSQL if you have ODBC client software you like using. We don't support or recommend any of these - contact the publishers of that software directly for help.

VPOP3 uses various PostgreSQL 'schemas' to separate out different sorts of data. This section is ordered by the PostgreSQL schema names

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