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Autoresponders - v3 and v4

This section lets you define an autoresponder for a user. An autoresponder is a message which is sent back in response to a message which arrives in this user's mailbox.

The Autoresponder Type can be set to None, Simple Autoresponder or External Autoresponder.

  • None obviously doesn't set an autoresponde
  • Simple Autoresponder lets you define an autoresponder message in VPOP3 itself. This is discussed below
  • External Autoresponder tells VPOP3 to run an external program to generate a response, and that is the most complex option, and is rarely used. Contact for more details if you want to use this option.

Keep Incoming message in mailbox after responding is usually checked, especially for vacation type autoresponses. If this option is not checked, then the incoming message will be discarded after the response is sent. This can be useful if the mailbox is unattended, eg for automated catalogue or status requests.

Only respond once to each sender is usually checked for vacation type autoresponses. A problem with autoresponders is that loops can be set up where two autoresponders talk to each other and can send millions of messages to each other. This option prevents that by having VPOP3 remember that it has sent a response already, so it won't send once again. It does mean that if someone sends you two messages, they will only receive one automatic response back.

The Automatically clear log of responded to senders option works in conjunction with the Only respond once.. option. For example, if you set this to clear the log daily, then it means that VPOP3 will send at most one autoresponse to each sender every day.

The Simple Autoresponder Text defines the text of the autoresponder. In the simplest case this is a simple text message to be sent as the response. You can add special text to the autoresponder text to create special behaviour.

The External Autoresponder Command defines the program that VPOP3 will run when an External Autoresponder is triggered.

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