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Settings -> Admin Settings

The Admin Settings page allows you to perform three key functions:

Choosing a Main Administrator

The Main Administrator receives notification emails, such as daily reports and errors/problems which may require manual intervention.
By default, the Postmaster user is set as the Main Administrator, but you can choose any other user from the Main Administrator select box.

Because of the importance of some notification messages, you should ensure that mail in the Main Administrator's account is regularly checked; whether that is done by assigning a trusted staff member to the role, or by simply asking someone to regularly log into a dedicated administrator's account (e.g. Postmaster), is up to you.

Opting in and out of error messages

You have control over some of the messages that are sent to the Main Administrator. There are three checkboxes:

  • Generate Connection Error Messages
  • Send all TCP/IP Error Messages during message sending to Administrator instead of message originator
  • Generate Dial-up Error Messages

Enabling Message Security

Message Security allows you to restrict the ability of administrators to access other users' messages. Message Security works by requiring the administrator to provide a password, before they are allowed to view another user's messages.

You can enable Message Security, then control which administrators are given the password.

Once Message Security has been enabled, there is no way to retrieve the password, so you must take precautions not to lose it. For example, you may want to write down the password, and store it in a secure location, where it cannot be accessed by other staff members.

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