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Version 5 Web Mail API

This section is only relevant for people who may want to access the WebMail features from their own scripts, or want to customise the standard Webmail pages. Note that no free support is available for this.

This is not a full list of features, but it will be updated from time to time.

All the variable/replacement/setting names are case insensitive.

Read Replacements

When VPOP3 receives a GET command for an HTML or JS file it tries to replace text surrounded by ~ characters with system information. To have a ~ character appear in the resulting data, use “~~”.

In most cases, a read replacement is specified as “~”<replacement name>[<replacement modifier>]*“~”. The replacement modifiers let you choose the format of the data returned, eg ':html' HTML encodes the data, so “ will be returned as &quot;. ':js' Javascript escapes the data, so ” will be returned as \“, etc

Write variables

When VPOP3 receives a POST command, it updates variables with the specified data. In most cases, the Write variable names are the same as the Replacement names above.


If you need to do something more complex than just setting a variable, then you need to use 'Actions' - eg for adding a new user, you would use an 'action' as there is currently no variable to set.

Some actions are specified using the 'FormAction' parameter to the POST, with the rest of the parameters being parameters for the action. Other actions are specified by using a specific URL for the POST to go to.

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