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UserRuleActions Replacement


<format string>

Required parameter: RuleId

This returns the message rule actions for the specified rule

The format string can have the replacements

  • id - numeric ID of the action
  • type - action type
  • data - action data

Action Types

  • STOP - stop processing rules after this one
  • FLAG - mark message with a flag/star (data: 1=mark, 0=unmark)
  • DELETE - delete the message (data: 1=delete, 0=don't delete)
  • QUARANTINE - quarantine the message (data: 1=quarantine, 0=don't quarantine)
  • MARKREAD - mark the message read (data: 1=mark read, 0=mark unread)
  • KEYWORDS - add the 'data's value as an IMAP4 keyword
  • COPY - copy the message to the 'data' folder
  • MOVE - move the message to the 'data' folder
  • FORWARD - forward the message to the 'data' email address
  • FORWARDFROM - specify the email address that the forwarded mail will come from if the default (<username>@<local domain>) is not suitable
  • HEADER - modify the header with the 'data' header line (eg 'Filtered: rule=fred')
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