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MessageView4 Replacement




  • “headers” (optional - “y” means show full headers, otherwise show condensed headers)
  • “msgformat” (optional - specifies format of 'message' in result. “text” means UTF8 text, otherwise UTF8 HTML)
  • “markread” (optional - if 'Y' or '1', then the message is marked as read)

~loadmessage~ must have been used prior to ~messageview4~

This returns the message details in a JSON structure as an object with members:

  • error: (optional) any error text
  • state: “ok” / “file not open”
  • headers: array of arrays. Each element in the main array is an array of three elements - header field name, decoded UTF8 header field data, raw header field data
  • message: message body at UTF8 HTML or plain text
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