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AutoresponderInfo Replacement



Required parameter: responderid - the ID of the autoresponder

This returns a JSON structure containing the details of the specified autoresponder.

The return structure is an object containing:

  • id - autoresponder id
  • ownerid - the numberic id of the owner user
  • responder - the autoresponder text
  • keep - boolean value saying whether original message should be kept in the mailbox or not
  • checklog - numeric value saying how far back the autoresponder should check in the autoresponse log to check for duplicate senders (in hours)
  • sender - the sender email address to use on the automatic response (blank for default <username>@<local domain>)
  • replyto - the reply-to email address to use on the automatic response (optional)
  • subject - the subject to use on the automatic response (blank for default of “Re: ”<original subject>)
  • subjectprefix - the subject prefix to use for the automatic response (“*” to use the globally defined one)
  • appendmsg - whether to append the original message to the response (0=no, 1=headers only, 2=full message)
  • to - array of addresses to send the response to (blank will send to original sender only, otherwise the response will only go to the listed addresses, include “*” in the list to go to the original sender as well)
  • copyto - array of addresses to copy the original message to
  • attachments - array of filenames to attack to the original message
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