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SAVSERVICE.EXE runs at 90%+ and slows the computer down

If you are using Sophos Antivirus on the VPOP3 computer, you may encounter a situation where the computer runs very slowly. If you use the Processes tab in TaskManager you may notice that the SAVSERVICE.EXE process is using most of the CPU.

This can happen because the Sophos On-Access scanning is scanning files that VPOP3 uses even though the file extensions are not listed in the Sophos configuration.

The workaround is to exclude the VPOP3 directory and subdirectories from the Sophos On-Access scanning. To do this:

  1. Right-click the Sophos task tray icon and choose 'Open Sophos Anti-Virus'.
  2. Go to Configure → On-access Scanning…
  3. Click on the Exclusions tab
  4. Press Add…
  5. In Item Type choose 'Folder'
  6. In Item Name enter the VPOP3 installation directory (eg C:\VPOP3 or C:\PROGRAM FILES\VPOP3)
  7. Press OK and OK again.

If this doesn't help you may need to contact Sophos technical support directly.

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