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Redirect message for a user if a sender is a particular email address

Say you want messages addressed to 'user1' to be redirected to 'user2' if they came from

This is an unusual requirement, so there is no way to do it in VPOP3.

To do this, create a download rule as:

  • Rule Type: Redirect
  • Redirect to: user2
  • Match Type: All Conditions
  • Conditions:
    • Recipient Acct - is - user1
    • From - contains -

Note that this will cause the matching messages to be ONLY sent to user2. If the message was originally sent to user1 & user3, the rule will make it ONLY go to user2. There is no simple way to make the message go to user2 and user3. This would be possible using the Lua 'User Routing' script facility but that is outside the scope of this article.

Possible alternatives

If you want ALL messages from to be redirected to 'user2', you could use a “From” Mapping

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