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Spam Quarantine

By default, when the VPOP3 spam filter detects a message as being spam, it will go to the user's quarantine. Users can release messages from the quarantine by going to their webmail page and selecting the message from the quarantine list there.

Viewing the Quarantine

As a VPOP3 Administrator

If you are a VPOP3 administrator, you can view & release messages in any user's quarantine by going to Settings → Spamfilter Settings → Quarantine Viewer. You can search for quarantined messages by recipient, sender, subject, etc

As a VPOP3 User

You can view & release messages from your own quarantine by either clicking on the 'View' link the the Quarantine Report messages you should receive daily, or by logging into your Webmail, then going to the Quarantine tab. You have to select a day for which you want to view the quarantine, before it will display any quarantined messages.

Quarantine Retention

Messages will be kept in the quarantine for a selectable amount of time before being automatically deleted.

This is set in Settings → Spamfilter Settings → General → Quarantine Settings as the Delete messages from the Quarantine after setting.

Disabling the Quarantine

You can disable the quarantine totally by going to Settings → Spamfilter Settings → General → Quarantine Settings and turn off the Enable Quarantine Facility option there.

Alternatively you can turn off the quarantine for an individual user by editing the user, then going to the Advanced tab, and setting the Quarantine Threshold to -1.

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