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Making VPOP3 re-download POP3 messages from the ISP

If you have the VPOP3 In Mail setting Leave Mail On Server enabled, then VPOP3 will leave your messages on the ISP POP3 server for the specified number of days after downloading it.

If, during this time, you want to make VPOP3 download those messages again, then you can do so by following the procedure below.

Note that you cannot selectively download messages again using VPOP3 (there are other utilities available on the Internet to do this) - you have to re-download all the left messages again. Procedure

  • Determine the numeric ID of the In Mail setting you want to re-download the mail for by looking at the configuration list on the In Mail tab.
  • If the ID is 1 (one), then delete the file SRVRUIDL.DAT in the main VPOP3 directory on the server hard disk using Windows Explorer.
  • If the ID is greater than 1, then delete the file SRVUIDLx.DAT in the main VPOP3directory on the server hard disk using Windows Explorer. 'x' is the ID less 1, so if the In Mail ID is '3', you should delete SRVUIDL2.DAT


  1. You can do this procedure whilst VPOP3 is running, and you do not need to restart VPOP3, but you should NOT do it whilst VPOP3 is connected to the Internet, so if VPOP3 connects very often, it may be safer to close VPOP3 down whilst you carry out the procedure below.
  2. The SRVRUIDL.DAT or SRVUIDLx.DAT file will be automatically created by VPOP3 the next time it connects to the Internet
  3. The main VPOP3 directory is usually C:\PROGRAM FILES\VPOP3 or C:\VPOP3, but you may have installed it elsewhere on your hard disk. If you can't find it go to the Misc tab in the VPOP3 settings and look at the Base Directory setting.


If you just wish to download a few messages again, you can avoid disruption to most of your users by using the following technique.

  1. Make a copy of the current SRVRUIDL.DAT or SRVUIDLx.DAT file to a safe place
  2. Modify your 'In Mail' configuration to send all messages to a specific mailbox (either your mailbox, or a dummy mailbox you set up for this occasion). Make a note of your previous settings!
  3. Delete your SRVRUIDL.DAT or SRVUIDLx.DAT file as above
  4. Make VPOP3 connect. All the old mail will be downloaded to the mailbox specified in (2)
  5. Restore your 'In Mail' configuration to the previous settings.
  6. Restore the SRVRUIDL.DAT or SRVUIDLx.DAT file from the location you saved it to in (1)
  7. Go through the mailbox specified in (2), forwarding or moving the desired messages to the desired mailbox(es).
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