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Installation Errors

This page lists some errors which may occur during installation and the solution.

In general, do NOT 'ignore' any errors unless we tell you to.

If you have to retry an installation, when it is an upgrade from versions 1 - 4 going to version 5 or later, then make sure you have told the installer to install the database. Sometimes a partial installation will make the installer think that the database is already installed.

Unable to create database - Error code 0 - 1031

This is when the installer cannot initialise the PostgreSQL database.

At this point, the installer is running the 'initdb.cmd' file (located in the VPOP3 directory) as the 'vpop3postgres' user.

Problems here may be because the installer cannot use the 'Run As' facility in Windows to run the program as a different user. It has to run it as a different user so that file & directory permissions are set correctly.

One reason why this may not work is if the Secondary Logon service in Windows is disabled, so you could start that service manually, and then have the installer retry the operation

Another reason may be that the vpop3postgres user has a different password from the one the installer expects. The default password created by the installer is Nc6ACboDt2jVL6. Ensure that this is the password set for the vpop3postgres user in the Windows settings (or Active Directory settings if you are running VPOP3 on an AD controller).


If the installer says that VPOP3MSG.DLL is in use, then the first thing to do is to make sure that the Windows Event Viewer (or any other Microsoft Management consoles which many include it, such as Computer Management) are closed. Then, retry the installation operation.

VPOP3MSG.DLL is not used by VPOP3 itself. It is only used by the Windows Event Viewer to obtain the text for events generated by VPOP3. If the DLL is not installed, or an old version is installed, then it will not affect the operation of VPOP3 at all, but the Windows Event Viewer may say that the description of some events is not available. That's all.

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