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How to send a fax by email using the VPOP3 FaxServer

VPOP3 2.1.0 and later together with the VPOP3 FaxServer software allows you to send specially crafted emails to VPOP3 to have them sent as faxes.

To do this, send an email to fax@<yourdomain> . The email subject will be the subject of the fax used on the fax cover page. The email should be in plain text (not HTML). It can also include .TIF, .BMP or .TXT attachments. The plain text content of the email gets put into the 'comments' section of the cover page, or onto overflow pages. Then, any TIF, BMP or TXT attachments are added at the end of the fax.

You specify who the fax is to by using special sequences in the text of the email (these get stripped out before the fax is sent). These special sequences need to be on lines of their own.


  • ~<recipient fax number>~<recipient real name>~<recipient company> to specify recipients

You can use as many of these lines as you wish. The 'real name', and 'company' parts are optional.

(eg ~01234123456~Joe Brown~Brown & Co )

You can optionally add lines to specify more details about the fax sender:

  • ~~RealName~<real name of sender>
  • ~~FaxNumber~<fax number of sender>
  • ~~PhoneNumber~<phone number of sender>
  • ~~Company~<company of sender>

In VPOP3 2.2.0 and later you can also use

  • ~~cover~<cover page to use>
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