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Alternative method of automatically starting VPOP3

VPOP3 usually automatically starts as a Windows service.

Sometimes this does not work, either because other services need to start first, or Windows is going very slowly at startup, causing the database service to time out, or there are certain database control files which did not get cleared after a previous Windows shutdown.

In that case, you can use this alternative method.

  1. Go to Administrative Tools → Services in Windows, and set the startup type for VPOP3 and VPOP3DB (or PostgreSQL-VPOP3) to 'Manual'
  2. Put this batch file into the VPOP3 folder (the batch file is in this ZIP file )
  3. Run this batch file from the Windows Task Scheduler at startup

(If Flash is installed, you can watch a video inside this web page.)

If you need to increase the delay before VPOP3 starts, then alter the value after the '-n' line on the PING command in the batch file

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