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What are the limitations of the Home User licence

The VPOP3 Home User licence allows you to have up to 5 users for a lower price than the standard 5 user licence, but there are some restrictions in functionality. These are described below:

  • There is no Mailing List Server (you can still have distribution lists)
  • There can only be one Connection method and Mail Sender (instead of 10)
  • There can only be 5 Mail Collectors methods for ISP email accounts (instead of unlimited)
  • There is no LAN forwarding to other mail servers
  • There are no external/programmed autoresponders
  • There is no facility for defining VPOP3 Extensions such as 'External Routers' or 'OutMail Processors'
  • There is no facility to add the VPOP3 FAXServer option
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