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Lost Licence Details

If you have lost your VPOP3 licence key, we will be able to find it for you, but we do have to make a nominal charge of £5.00 (+ VAT if applicable) to search for it as it is a time consuming task.

If you need us to do this search, then email

If you have an annual telephone or priority email support contract, then this includes the fee for finding lost licence keys.

Finding the licence key yourself

  • If you still have VPOP3 installed, then you can get the licence details by going to the About or Info page in the VPOP3 settings, and pressing the Check/Change Licence Details (or Register on older versions of VPOP3) button. (This may not be possible if you bought the VPOP3 licence through a reseller - in that case you should contact the reseller directly!)
  • If you purchased the VPOP3 licence directly from us, you will have received the licence details by email, usually with a subject VPOP3 Purchase or PSCS Purchase Results or something similar, so you may still have this email in your email client software.
  • If you purchased your VPOP3 licence directly from us, you can log into our website at then go to My Account and Old Licence Details. If you have lost or forgotten your login details, you can go to the Forgotten Details page to have them re-sent to you.

If you cannot find the licence details using the above methods yourself, then you will need to ask us to do the search for the licence details. This will require you to send us the payment as described at the start of this article.

You can request this online, by going here. In the 'Licence Owner Name' box, put as much information as you can to help us to find the licence.

We always strongly recommend that you keep a copy of all your software licence keys in a safe place, as some companies won't be able to find your licence keys at all for you if you lose them, so you will have to repurchase the software in that case.

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